Getting Started Guide

upload to your site

You can begin uploading to your account now by using a ftp client or cPanel's File Manager. If you are using ftp, put your site's IP address under the host address field. Once your ftp is connected, go into the public_html folder and begin uploading to your site. To replace the default placeholder page, you must upload an index.html file (note the lowercase lettering.)

change your dns

To get requests for your site to resolve to its new location, you must change your domains DNS to the name servers you received in your welcome email. This is done by logging into your account at your registrar.

After your DNS changes have been made please allow 24-48 for your DNS to propagate worldwide. During this changeover period, your site will be working one minute then be offline the next. If, after two days, your site is still not working, .

control panel and important links

Note: "yourdomain.ext" should be your site's IP address until your DNS has proprogated.

Your control panel is located at http://yourdomain.ext/cpanel

Your webmail is located at http://yourdomain.ext/webmail

You can view your site before the DNS has proprogated at http://IPhere/~usernamehere/ (Note: Don't forget the trailing / and the ~)


If you have any questions please check out our FAQ. If, after reading the FAQ, you still have questions, then .


Your web hosting fee will be billed automatically every month from the date of purchase. If you wish to cancel, upgrade, update information, or do anything else billing related, please .

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